Pixels or Letters, this is the question

regard and reason

Posted on January 5, 2016

We combine pixels to communicate images and to visualize increasingly complex understanding of expanding cultural universes. Scientists borrow computer games to demonstrate possible worlds opening up to our probes and educated guesses. We combine letters to communicate words, we string sentences and novels or theories. Icons and images boil our emotions, sentences and stories help us reflect, compare, negotiate. What about a picture with a caption? What we see moves us - what we read slows us down. Dead Syrian boy washed up on a Turkish beach in August 2015 moves us to tears, but reflecting on what made his parents risk his life does not usher prompt promises of happy ends. Only fifty years ago this image would have been watched on TV screens from a couch in a living room. Today it is watched everywhere by everyone who carries a phone with a view. What does it mean? So far, not much. But perhaps, just perhaps, it means that a message is not massaged onto masses reclining on couches from above, by TV celebrities, stand-ins for powers that be, but harvested from below, in urban spaces, sport stadiums or virtual - almost social - media. Bread and circus? No, bread and bites. Happy 2016 with more bites!