Love,War and Jobs

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Posted on November 7, 2020

Love, war and jobs


Not all is fair in love and war. Love is never ending. Wars end, but they are fought again and again. World War I ended after four years, but World War II was in the wings. It ended after five years, but Cold War jumped in. It lasted forty years and ended between the Polish shipyard workers protest in August 1980 and the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989. Or did it? Old soldiers never die, cold wars never fade away. Russian faking troll farms, Facebook’s data slave drivers and Chinese frozen food viruses make Cold War MAD again.


Meanwhile working men and women come and go talking about environment, race and gender and precariat. Jobs were lost to cheap labor countries. Cheap labor was lost to bots. Then cheap labor boarded boats and came to expensive labor countries. Underground railroads, sailways and swimways display the entrepreneurial success story which still waits to be whitewashed, praised and understood. Should we auction available jobs and make the migrants fight for them in virtual arenas? Or should we train everybody for unemployed futures?


We already do. Everybody will be a leftist socialist in the morning, a rightist neoliberal at noon and a libertarian nonbinary open mind in the evening. Is it the end of jobs or the end of jobless men (and women, too)?


Haarlem, November 7, 2020