Progress and Relativity

once twice thrice

Posted on September 21, 2020

Progress and Relativity


Once upon a time we timed space and spaced time. We threw nukes and personal computers into the bargain. Nukes needed almost a century to mature into engines for spaceships. Computers needed half a century to slide into our pockets. Monopoly of nukes has been broken, computers broke us in chess and go.


Twice upon a time we threw a world wide web and asked everybody to fish with chips. Happy few collected data bases at bargain prices. Individuals got earmarked as consumers and voters to be influenced and persuaded. We still have democracy and horse races, but both are under attack.


Thrice upon a time all is relative. Democracy is robust in spite of defeated liberals singing the song of populism. Yes, we may be forced to stop cooking lobsters and racing horses, but relative democracy will progress, with sweat in the USA, tears in the EU and blood in Belorussia.



Haarlem, September 21, 2020