In(Out)side Out(In)

local to global, global to local, and again and again

Posted on August 15, 2020

In(Out)side Out(In)


Small bacteria and viruses hitting individuals reach large populations triggering changes. Large ideologies covering all humans and some animals trigger changes in families or singles. A little engine of history that could ride both ways?


Two latest world wars started locally and ended globally. A Serbian terrorist killed a single prince in 1914 and far away states killed millions in revenge. A German and a Russian terrorist signed a local secret pact in 1939 and started killing Poles, then everbody else, everywhere. Germans try to repent, Russians don’t.


Our century promises a change. Universal ideologies come first, singles and families must wait. When a corvid virus swept the planet in 2020, some governments made human sacrifices. Politicians prayed to the virus, please kill some and leave the rest alone. Virus was not amused.


Poznan August 15, 2020