Scapegoating Number Three

Posted on August 8, 2020

Scapegoating Number Three


On September the 1st 1939, one evil empire, Germany, ruled by a legally elected chancellor Hitler, invaded Poland. France and Great Britain had legally promised to help but did not. Another evil empire, Russia, ruled by an illegally installed general secretary Stalin, had illegally promised to help Germany and did so on September 17th, 1939. Poland became a scapegoat paying for one last year of the interbellum for France and Britain and for two more years of a German-Russian friendship and a nazi-communist cooperation.


On August 1st, 1944, two evil empires made a break in their hostilities. When the Polish underground army mounted an uprising in Warsaw, Russians politely stepped aside and stopped advancing. Germans obliged and continued killing the population and burning the city to the ground. France, Great Britain and the United States also obliged and did not insist on helping the insurgents. When Russians finished occupying Poland - the scapgoating of all people east of Elbe was sealed with illegal rules of the Cold War.


In an independent and democratic Poland, citizens pay homage to the victims of the two scapegoatings. When they remember the victims of German and Russian concentration camps in the IInd World War and of the Warsaw uprising in 1944. a Belgian politician calls them nazis. When Polish citizens elect a president whom Germans don’t like in 2020, German dominated media and Russian dominated internet trolls despair about democracy. Again?


Poznan, August 8, 2020