Can a Daltonist be a Racist?

Posted on June 25, 2020

Can Daltonist be a Racist?


A daltonist cannot distinguish colors. White, yellow or black are all grey to a color-blind. Does it prevent a daltonist from ever joining the ranks of racists? Well, if racism depended on noticing the color of skin, it would. But does it?


The fact that a non-daltonist notices different skin colors does not make him or her a racist. In order to qualify as a racist, one has to think that skin color goes together with being inferior in the eyes of a beholder. One looks at a human face, but sees an abstract stereotype. Daltonists can access abstract stereotypes, although they do not follow the same visual clue.


Black Lives Matter is a misleading slogan. It might suggest that they matter, because they are black. But they matter because they are lives, human lives. Not because they happen to be black. They should matter – also under the daltonist eyes.


Haarlem, June 25, 2020