Secrets and Lies

games elites play

Posted on January 17, 2020

Secrets and Lies


A game of thrones, a century ago. Secret service picks up an exile from a Swiss cabaret. Gives him money, locks in a railway car and sends back home. His comrades perform a minor putsch, win a civil war and start a successful genocide marketed as an atheist revolution. The same service sends a failed painter to beer halls to sniff trends and gossip. He talks more than listens, winning friends and influencing people. His comrades win elections and he starts a war and another genocide. Red is the favorite color (after a workers’ banner, not royal purple).


A game of thrones today. Background info. One genocide has been tried, one went unpunished. Two wars had been fought. Prosperity hit more human beings than ever before. Continental and global networks come and go, while almost everybody can reach almost everybody else pocketing a mobile Panopticon. Wars are sub-global, so far. Secret services start picking up their new black horses on behalf of the reborn and renetworked elites. When people strike back – they are called populists. Green is the favorite color (after Greenpeace, not Islam).


The heart of the world at peace does miss a beat, now and then, but bypasses help. For the time being.


Haarlem, January 17, 2020