Rights, Wrongs and Lefts


Posted on November 20, 2019

Rights, Wrongs and Lefts

Human rights expand. Rich white males are not the only pilgrims to Athens, Rome or Jerusalem. Women vote and win Nobel prizes. Children choose sex and families. Migrants, tourists and expats dream of a global political representation in the United Nations and in the European Union. Pets, mammals, penguins and some trees fight arm in arm with intelligent robots for civic recognition and for the next extension of equal rights.

Some wrongs are acknowledged and losses redressed. American Indians within the United States can make money in casinos on their reservations. Some are not. The conquest of the Americas involved involuntary manslaughter with bacteria and other secret biological services of Mother Nature. But whom to blame? The Spanish crown, which mined and shipped the spoils? The Dutch or British companies, which monopolized trade? The Chinese and Indian merchants who received most of gold and silver selling spices, silks and porcelain?

Left has left. German genocide (1933-1945) has been noticed, discussed in public, tried in an improvised post-war tribunal. What about the Russian genocide (1917-?), with higher body count, with broader and longer stretch? The most bloody mother of all genocides still remains unpunished. Children of killers remain unrepentant, children of victims stay inconsolable. Will Russian citizens ever come to terms with the Gulag roots of their federation?

Haarlem, November 19th, 2019