Educational Euthanasia?

no wikizen left behind

Posted on October 27, 2019

Educational Euthanasia?

Learning to learn is artificial, organized and managed. It is called education and it limits unknown unknowns. It helps us see the light of reason shining through the clouds of experienced events. We put up with teaching authorities because we sense reality behind artificial intelligence of students collecting the best grades. But we doubt if our academic bureaucracies are the best and the brightest. Is democracy about equal access to learning opportunities? If so, is internet a weapon of choice for those left behind by educational bureaucracies? Can it defend individuals against learning deprivation, against teaching exclusion, against, in brief, educational euthanasia?

It could. But it would have to crowd-source change. To convince educational bureaucrats (with academic professionals on a gowned and tenured top) to change schools and universities. They should turn into centers of preventing ignorance and stimulate learning start-ups in everybody’s mind. This way we could prevent educational euthanasia and make sure no child and no senior citizen are left behind.

Who are the victims of educational euthanasia? Which networks of global wikizens of the digital villages are too young, too old, too poor, too rich, too gendered or too genderless, too elitist or too populist, too religious or too atheist to be clustered, profiled, served and harvested by the GAFA monsters of expanding universe? And to claim universal rights of access, exit, voice, loyalty and rebellion?

Haarlem/Poznań, October 26, 2019