Roads Never Taken

selling carbon indulgences

Posted on February 20, 2019


Left or right? Up or down? Fast or slow? We left the caves. We started talking fast. We replaced knowledge with information, much easier to handle. Yet, we pause and think, from time to time, on roads never taken. Never taken, but recorded and preserved in abandoned corridors of our cultures, memories, dreams, traditions and secret diaries.

Human culture has many strange corridors. Some of them pop up all the time. Looks like we never knew who we were, know much less who we are, and even less who we shall be. When Isaac Newton read the Polish Arians, he started noticing the apple trees. So did John Locke, though he tried to squeeze apples and peers through our senses. The Polish Arians were the most heretic post-Protestants (Spinoza was another case in point). Should we revive them? Victims of the Protestant political correctness, please stand up!

Time to break the spell. Protestants did not invent capitalism. Catholics did. Commercial bookkeeping is an invention of an Italian monk. Selling indulgences continues to be a hit. Buy your waste-free certificate selling carbon footprints to less industrialized countries and you go scot free straight to ecological heaven. Is this progress? Are there any other roads? Will they be taken?

Haarlem, February 17th, 2019