Postcolonial Dreams and Nightmares

Posted on February 3, 2019

Postcolonial Dreams & Nightmares

When communism collapsed, after the Polish “Solidarity” rose and German wall fell, Europeans drank champagne. They woke up to a world, in which former communist killers swiftly accumulated capital softly wrenched from the broken states. We are talking about 1980 (Poland) and 1989 (Germany). What’s new in 2019? The European Union is falling apart, the British cannot be held, sheer anarchy is loosened upon France, which suspended democracy, and Germany, which censored critique of Muslim terrorists. The Poles and the Hungarians started to clean their communist slate, the Greeks and the Italians started to clean their financial slate, but the European Union hates them. Unelected EU elite wants to keep the enriched commies in the east and the indebted governments in the south as the guarantee of colonial governance. No go, really, but oh God - they try. What next?

Good news is that Russians had to withdraw their nuclear missiles from Poland and East Germany to Kaliningrad. Bad news is that they had occupied eastern Ukraine and the Crimea to get these missiles closer to their favorite targets – the affluent and the democratic masses of the West. Good news is that Germans do not have Russian soldiers in the center of Berlin. Bad news is that Germans have Russian pipelines on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Russian gas flowing to Germany is the guarantee of shutting the Poles and the Ukrainians up while Russians wrestle the EU from under the US nuclear umbrella. Countdown?

No. The real competition for the future is between the Chinese and US American genetic and digital research labs. The future of the world is in the hands of men and women who work in Beijing and in Washington, DC. Let’s have a look on what they are handing us down.  

Haarlem, Feb. 3, 2019