Counting Our Blessings

Brexit as a blessing in disguise

Posted on December 25, 2018

Counting Our Blessings

I think, therefore I am. You doubt, therefore you are. He knows, therefore he is. We hope, therefore we are. What do they think? They think that brevity is the soul of wit. Or is it? All of us race towards compact beauties of increasingly abstract formulae. In a sense, the Einsteinian formula E=mc is a superstar – a case in point.  It used to function as a shining example of the most abstract expression of the deepest truth about the most complex levels of reality. Thinking masses of the world stood in awe. Not anymore. First, reality is not what it used to be. It is more complex, it is more twisted and there is more of it, some of it very dark. Not that we stopped trying to be brief. Cheap copies of this brief formula sprung right away. A Russian tried a political formula: “communism = soviet power + electricity”. He high-jacked a society and froze it into a gulag archipelago. They froze him forever for his efforts. Soviet power collapsed, electricity remained, but other force fields gained recognition.

Class struggles did not go away, but they had changed everything, including colors. Peasants disappeared in Europe and in the United States, so they had to be imported from the rest of the world. Hence the immigration crisis, worldwide. The left and the right disappeared from the parliaments, so they had to be reinvented in supranational bureaucracies, like the European Union. Hence Brexit. Perhaps Brexit is the soul of political wit nowadays?  Perhaps it showed us how to stop the creeping high-jacking of nation-states? Shouldn’t we count Brexit among our blessings?

December 24, 2018