Tragedies and farçes

ironies of history

Posted on November 15, 2018


History is full of sound and fury. History is usually experienced as one damn’ thing after another. Some philosophers think that it dances to the tune of a thesis followed by anti-thesis and swept out by synthesis. Hi, Hegel, how are you? Some politicians think that a carrot of propaganda and a stick of terror should be managed by an avant-garde party of the new oligarchs exterminating the old ones in the name of the deceived masses. Russia’s mummified pharaoh winks.  The most sophisticated philosophers turned politicians claim that what begins as a tragedy on the stage of history, jerking tears by hectoliters, ends up as a farçe, triggering sneers, giggling and laughs. The oligarchs of the European Union erect Marx’s monument in Trier, where it hovers above plastic casts of garden dwarfs with his face.  The monument for the author of “The Communist Manifesto” in the 21st century is a tragedy. But a company of plastic garden dwarfs (to Marx, with love) - dwarfs it to a farçe.

Europe is heading towards the endgame of a comedy of errors. Macron pardons Strauss-Kahn and hopes to pay homage to Hitler’s little helper, the arch-criminal Petain. Will France ever return to the parliamentary democracies? Merkel hopes to let Putin manage Europe’s energies, in the name of ecological correctness. Will Germany ever return to common sense? Juncker and Tusk hope to get rid of the United Kingdom, and to whip the Italies, the Polands, and the Hungaries into the neocolonial slavery. Will the European Union ever return to the rule of law and the common, democratic, Christian, Greek and Roman sense?

November 15th