Reasons for Reasons

Reason for Reason's Sake?

Posted on September 25, 2018


The more we think, the more we feel. The more we feel, the more we do. The more we do, the more we see. The more we see, the more we reason. The more we reason… Recent history of our reasoning includes the curious episode of Enlightenment or a cult of Reason for Reason’s sake. The Enlightenment does not look good in the light of what we know now and in the light of how we reason today.

First, the more we praise the goddess of Pure Reason, the more frequently the guillotines or the gulags kill the crooked timber of humanity. Their operators design reasons for historical cleansings and carry them out. Conservatives and other unreasonables are ridiculed first and killed next.

Second, Enlightenment was sponsored and exploited by dictators. A troll named Voltaire has been on a regular payroll of the Russian government led by a ruthless tyrant of a correct gender. So were many other independent intellectuals of the supposedly free media. 

Third, the worshippers of Reason raided the banks of values commonly known as churches, tore them down and used the bricks and stones to pave the roads to a better future. Their descendants crossed Christianity out of the preamble to the European constitution.

Time to drop an FB account and accept the limits of both Reason and reason, an Encyclopedia and a Wikipedia, an Aristotle and a Google?

Haarlem, September 25, 2018