Last Night's Dream

triple dream, American

Posted on May 3, 2018

Last Night’s Dream

First, we take Manhattan. Then we build slave ships for the others to do the dirty job of using them on the Atlantic. Then we invite the sons and daughters born on southern plantations to the steel mills and shipyards of the north. They compete against sons and daughters of the European peasants in America. Then we prosper. The United Nations headquarters arise on the East river, World Trade Center on the Hudson side. WTC is out, UNO stands still.

Then we take California. The Syrian (Jobs) and the Polish (Wozniak) immigrants have fun in their garages. They whip the cream on the layer cake of the world wide web ushered in by the US military, Las Vegas gangsters, space industries and the Silicon Valley’s networking hippies. Woody Allen leaves Manhattan for San Francisco and Los Angeles, but abdicates to Steven Spielberg and Stanford University. Long live the queer queen. The flower power drives a green fuse.

Finally, we take Texas. Fracking and Tracking. Leaving both coasts behind. Making both Middle East and Russia obsolete mineral-wise. Making medical services and educational achievement a mark of excellence, and a source of employment and income. Facing China with a balanced mix of Latinos, Blacks, Asians and the disappearing Whites. Facing the US liberal establishments with a new blend of the American dream. Then following Leonard C. and taking Berlin. Making Europe great again. Not trading Christian roots for a politically correct cowardice. Houston, who has a problem?


May 3rd, 2018