Homage to Catalonia Bis

Did Orwell write in vain?

Posted on November 26, 2017

George Orwell survived Stalin’s Russian killers purging Spanish Republicans by sheer coincidence. He failed to come back to his apartment for a night’s sleep. Had he done so, he would have joined millions of victims of the Russian communist genocide, cynically extended to Spain during the civil war after 1936 and to central Europe after 1945. Neither “1984” nor “Animal Farm” would have been written. Nor would “Homage to Catalonia” wake us up.

History and coincidence saved the free world in 1936. Soviet secret police killer squads massacred Spaniards and their international allies, but missed the future author of “Politics and the English Language”. The Polish workers saved free Europe by challenging communist criminals in 1980. The Soviet killer squads failed to murder the Pope and save the evil empire.

Neither free Catalonia nor free Poland should be in doubt in 2017. And yet, they are. Top European Union bureaucrats deny Catalonians their right to live in a democracy. They say that Spaniards from Madrid should decide how much democracy can be tolerated in Barcelona. Brussels’ top bureaucrats love ein Spanish Volk and do not care about Catalonia. Top European Union officials also deny Poles the right to live in a democracy. They say that ex-communists, former secret police officers and losers of democratic elections should tell the Poles how much democracy they deserve. Never mind elections, parliaments or genuine support.  Why, actually?

Deficit of democracy in the European Union gave us Brexit. Neither Tusk nor Juncker were held responsible. So far. They should be. They should be fired for mismanagement. Citizens of the United States of America got rid of Obama who mismanaged economy and foreign policy. They did not allow the mainstream media to blackmail them with political correctness. The Europeans did. Why, actually?


November 25, 2017